Build better business with technology

Top-notch technology and cybersecurity are crucial to your business' success. Implementing these critical elements will streamline your operations, boost your team's productivity, and safeguard crucial data. Investment in these measures is an investment in a more profitable, trustworthy, and resilient business.

Our story

We are passionate about helping businesses get the most out of technology. Whether that's working with your existing infrastructure to maximize its potential, or helping you plan for expansion and improvement, we can help.


The beginning

After graduating with a degree in Artificial Intelligence, CEO Jay Bodys relocated to London in 1999.

Network Bridge Solutions founded

Network Bridge Solutions was founded, offering IT support for small offices and home offices in London.




Network Bridge Solutions expanded, hired its first employee and earned bigger clients.

Global crisis

Despite a downturn in the economy that affected many of our clients, Network Bridge Solutions survived and thrived through the global economic crisis, coming out strong in the end.



Adopting Managed Service Provider model

Network Bridge Solutions shifted to a Managed Service Provider business model in order to provide better and more complete service to our clients.

Supporting growth

Our clients were growing, and so were we. One such client grew from 15 employees to 150, and we grew alongside them.



Supporting scalability

Today, Network Bridge Solutions aims to help even more businesses scale, with customized network solutions, comprehensive desktop support, and more.

Company values

Focus on the customer

We place the customer at the heart of everything we do, going above and beyond to provide exceptional service and unmatched value.


Fostering respect is fundamental; we treat every individual with dignity, acknowledging diverse perspectives and championing a culture of mutual regard.


We are dedicated to nurturing lasting relationships built on trust, mutual support, and unwavering loyalty with all our stakeholders.


We are committed to going the extra mile, making necessary compromises to ensure the best outcome for our customers and community.


We take the necessary time to understand, to deliver exceptional service, and to grow sustainably, respecting the pace of each unique journey.


We foster a positive, uplifting environment that encourages happiness and satisfaction in both our team and customers.

Office 213, 20 Bugsby's Way
London, SE7 7SJ, UK
Remote work
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