Delegating Responsibility

It’s a fact of life – businesses usually start small and then grow (and hopefully not the other way around!) You’ll probably wear many hats when you’ve just got a few coworkers to share responsibilities with. After all, there are lots of tasks just too small to hire for when you’re starting.

Hopefully, your business will start doing more and more of its core function as it grows. That means more employees, more revenue, more sales, and more infrastructure. That also means more tasks, more responsibilities, and more fires to fight. Instead of fixing every problem yourself, you’re going to need to delegate.

Information technology is one of the most critical keys to success in modern business. Imagine keeping an entire office of 10 or 15 people informed and updated without email or instant communications. It’s impossible these days. The expectations are just too high – we need information, we need it now, and we need everything to be instantly accessible. There’s just no room for error.

At the same time, with more power comes more responsibility. The larger your garden grows, the more care and maintenance it requires. So too with your network.

Getting There

Our experience has shown that by the time an average company reaches 10-15 employees, their IT needs have grown to the point that it becomes difficult to just ‘handle it themselves’ anymore. Even if your team can work their way through most problems, handling IT problems in the first place takes them away from doing their core job.

Imagine keeping your best sales person off of the phones because he has to change the oil in the delivery truck – who could imagine doing such a thing? And if that seems crazy, why would you want to do it with your computer network?

That used to mean ‘hiring a computer guy’ and asking him to assist with other responsibilities as necessary. But this usually isn’t realistic. Even though a small company might have the need for an IT professional with a wide-ranging skill set, it can often be too expensive to actually go out and hire one.

To begin with, such a person with sufficient experience to be a ‘one-size fits all’ solution to a small company’s entire IT needs – including VoIP, network administration, hardware and software troubleshooting, and just the day-to-day aspects of keeping an office running – would likely be an experienced industry veteran who would prefer to work for a lot more money in a bigger corporation.

Alternately, the company can take a chance on a young employee as a ‘starter’ job – perhaps a kid fresh out of high school with good grades and a good reference from inside the company – and hope that the young employee can provide a few years of basic support in exchange for resume-building experience. But even then, who wants to take a chance when it comes to your business? And when the time comes to scale up, will that junior employee have the knowledge and experience to bring the company forward?

It’s not easy to find a solution. So what to do?

What We Do

Every business requires experienced, steady hands supporting their IT infrastructure. Whether it’s handling minor daily concerns, detecting potential security threats before they cause problems, or making plans to expand and modernize the system, IT is just too important to leave to chance. Implementing a backup solution next month might be exactly one month too late. Tomorrow might be too late to get your email working again.

Delegating responsibilities is essential step in building a business and helping it grow. When it comes to IT, you can delegate your responsibilities to a Managed Service Provider. A growing company can use a Managed Service Provider to get access to the technical skills it needs, without the headaches of hiring and onboarding its own IT team.

Our job is to support your company with the technical help it needs. Most problems can be handled quickly and remotely, putting your key employees back to work faster and helping them be more productive. We also help you plan for the future, secure your data and your network, and make sure that your employees have all the tools they need to succeed.

Among the services we provide:

• Access to many different advanced skillsets – rather than hiring one person expected to ‘do it all’, our specialists can deliver advanced knowledge of complex IT subjects, solving problems faster and more reliably
• Timely response and resolution to problems, including remote support and guidance
• Predictable costs for IT service – no surprise bills!
• Ongoing review of your network – are you getting the most out of it? How can we make it more secure and useful? What about upgrades and system updates?
• Access to everything for a lower cost than hiring your own IT staff!

Is it time to delegate your IT responsibilities? Contact us for an initial consultation and find out how we can help.