The 5 Secrets to Scaling your Business past 25 Employees and Two high-level, “win-win” methodologies you must start using now to avoid losing control

As a business grows and scales most successful directors at one time or another feel like they’re starting to lose control 

You’ve probably seen first hand that as more people join a business, frustrations, bottlenecks and drains on resources have a tendency to increase rather than decrease 

Maybe you’ve seen things change in your market from initial startup and started to experience restrictions from the current economic climate, changing regulations and taxation on.  

It seems that nearly all of us in business can become a victim from time to time, of constraints like this as our business goes from good to great. 

Truth be told there were5.5 million registered businessesin the UK in 2016 and most encounter these kind of ‘cracks’ when they reach 15-25 employees. 

And now, with the possibility of another crisis about to hit the headiness, most of us must do something different to scale. 

Which is why, right now I want to walk you through the 5 secrets you need to scale, sustain and future proof your business past 25 employees and how you can leverage your technology to start do it today.  

Secret #1Serious Mission with a Vision 

Lets be honest, growing a business to 15 or so employees is a big achievement 

That said, I suspect you might be starting to suffer from all to familiar obstacles and bottlenecks hindering your progress.  

Now, the current school of thought suggests a combination of business technology andmindsetis necessary to make the next leap.  

Which means that in order for companies to scale, directors need now more than ever: 

  • Courage to tackle obstacles head on 
  • Willingness to effectively delegate 
  • Understanding that digital technology needs to be at the core of all infrastructures. With digital technology fast becoming the differentiator from those that succeed and those that don’t. 

The worrying reality for most is that technology is too often seen as support function rather than a catalyst for transformation. 

And here-in lies the problem; a vision without technology is like a chicken  without a head  running around in circles. 

Maybe not now, but once the dust settle, those that that bet on technology and embed it in their infrastructure from the word go are the ones that will thrive – whilst the rest of the market withers and dies. 

The funny thing is, the best time to place that bet on technology in any business is when it arrives a very specific set of cross roads. 

The crossroads at the very point of transition between a ‘startup’ and a ‘larger organisation’ – in other words when you hit 15-25 employees.  

It’s at this milestone in a fast growing business that an alignment of business goals with technology is a must to make sure that this bet pays off.  

When done right you set yourself up for enhanced formal structures,  a new level to adaptability, and most importantly: 

  • Bigger turnover 
  • Improved profits
  • A hugelysuccessfulempire 

Wondering if your business is in prime position to bet on technologyto ensure growth? 

If so, schedule a all to see if your business is ready to scale fast. 

Secret #2Control withaStrategy that Embraces Technology 

With an understanding now, that the successful amongst us are consistently betting on technology as part of their bigger vision. 

The question then becomes, with technology progression snowballing, how does a growing companies like yours, sustain momentum without readily available knowledge and technical ability.  

The key for most comes down to feeling comfortable to give technology the promotion it deserves at board level. 

I suspect that if you’ve ever felt a squeeze on resource as you’ve started to grow, nine times out of ten it’s because of a lack of technology consideration at the board. 

Truth be told it’s not your fault, because it’s a loose-loose game when it comes to balancing an understanding of the opportunities available and guarding against risks.  

Industry speculation, increasing regulation and red tape, all but make us oblivious to the magnitude of technology threats, but equally blinker us to the opportunities brought by aligning a technology strategy with business goals. 

You see if you’re looking to sustain growth, most must now consider the possibility that technology needs to be more than just a bunch PCs and virus protection.  

Experience suggests that technology for a scaling business must be yourstrategic partner, an equal collaborator – or in other word your business’s central nervous system. 

It’s why now more than ever, in the companies that sustain momentum and scale, there is always a focus at board level to create a technology structure that: 

  • Supports revenue generating strategies 
  • Empowers, rather than hinders, your employees 
  • Rectifies bottlenecks to eliminate downtime… 

 And there is a funny thing that happens to companies like yours, when a central nervous system is in place because the entire operation is transformed. Giving you market leading indicators so that you can: 

Monitor and track leading and lagging indicators 

  • Embrace new advances 
  • Manage a growing team with greater demands 
  • Support effective delegation 
  • Accessreal-time reporting forprofit and loss 
  • Produce accuratesales and marketing metrics 
  • Enable easycommunicationacross the entire supply chain 
  • Highlight competitive advantage 
  • Project real customer added value 

Keeping you in the driving seat and providing you, as the key decision maker in the business, accurate budgeting and practical data for equipment, support and upgrades, that’s easy to review and quick to apply. 

The good news being that effective planned maintenance and scheduled replacement will always result in prolonged equipment life,better employeepatienceand retention. 

Ultimately allowing you, possibly for the first time, to leverage your business in a way that is preventative rather than reactive.  

Ensuring that even as you scale and take on more and more resource you can still make quick informed decisions, implement solutions faster and most importantly keep your hard earned competitive advantage.  

Curious as to what type of central nervous sytem would match your vision and drive profitability? 

If so, schedule a all to see if your business is ready to scale fast. 

Secret #3Delegating Work is the Key to Successful Growth 

Even with a vision and strategy focused in technology, research shows businesses with 20-29 employees are stronger and experience less obstacles than smaller ones with only 10-19 employees.  

Which is why when you consider performance is often linked to ability to make financial and structural investment, in collaboration and team management –it’s actually not that surprising. 

Now I don’t know about you, but for most successful senior directors, there is often an internal resistance against asking for help. 

“No one is better than me” or “it’s faster if I just do it.”  

The trouble is, when you look at the numbers, increased levels of delegation is a critical influence to entrepreneurial success and effective growth 

It’s why at this critical crossroads the most successful amongst us will delegate more. Adopting a mind-set that invests in the support of internal and external experts, such as a technology specialist, to strengthen internal skills. 

After all, if the health of your business is questionable then so is yours. 

And I get it, as a business owner it’s part of your natural DNA to want to be in control but responsibilities and workload needs to be shared.  

I mean, chances are you already know that your team is capable; you just need to trust them to do a good job and check-in when needed 

Deep down, you and I know a larger business is a stronger business, but when the rubber hits the road, you can’t do everything. 

It’s why that scaling past 25 employees needs and a conscious decision on your behalf to delegate effectively, share responsibilities and learn fromemerging technologies with the support of an IT infrastructure.  

Wondering if you’re ready to effectively delegate, so you can grow?  

If so, schedule a all to see if your business is ready to scale fast. 

Secret #4Leverage Systemsto Remove Human Error 

Even with a vision, a strategy focused in technology and an attitude of delegation adopted, many growing businesses are still plagued with a fundamental leak – human error. 

I suspect you’ve seen first hand the catastrophic consequences that a simple, harmless, miss-hap’s can have on customer relations or the bottom line. 

Maybe you’ve seen the frequency of simple slip-up’s or mild mistakes increase us you’ve expanded the team to increase capacity. After all, internal checks and fail-safes that worked at 5 employees can have a habit of buckling under the pressure when you scale past 10, let alone 15 or more. 

It seems that nearly all directors in our position suffer from time to time, at the hands of bite sized blunders that boil down to just human error. 

The sad fact is that is that in a ever social environment, minor mistakes have big consequences: 

  • Bad publicity  
  • Loss of clients 
  • Loss of revenue 
  • Production downtime 
  • Individual job loss 

Fortunately today, for smart decision makers that get it, this human error can all but be eliminated. It’s just a matter of simply leveraging a few simple systems that are ingrained in technology. 

Because at 25 or more employees those that systemise and automate win, while everyone else sooner rather than later dies. 

It’s why now more than the need for systems and fail-safes that keep slip-ups small and business boosts big are a key ingredient for any business looking to scale past 25 employees. 

Wondering if you’re able to eliminate human error from your business as you grow?  

If so schedule a call to see if you have effective systems in place that will enable your business to scale. 

Secret #5Efficient Processes will assure your Business is Consistent 

With an understanding now, that systems, automations and technology are going to be the very things that guarantee you stay consistent as you scale.  

The question then becomes, how do ensure that they are operated consistently – especially with an intake of talent. 

I mean after all, how many times have you fallen victim to new recruits sapping time, money and energy as they struggle to up to speed fast enough.  

The trouble is this leads to inconsistencies; inconsistencies lead to confusion and confusion leads to conflict and crisis.   

You see in todays world, where the customer is king, I’ll have you consider that it’s those businesses that can deliver consistently even as they scale and rapidly on-board new recruits that are the ones that keep contracts rather than end up closing them. 

It’s why in my experience; consistency while scaling comes down to one thing and one thing only – standard operating procedures. 

A documented, structured formula for the ‘what, how and why’ of your entire business operation, so that even as your move from 5 to 10, 10 to 20 and 20 to 25 employees you stay consistent. 

Curious as to how consistent you’re business will be as you scale up to 25 employees? 

If so schedule a call to see if you have effective systems in place that will enable your business to scale.